New machines to expand Joy low-seam range

Joy plans to introduce three new machines at MINExpo.

Staff Reporter

US-based underground coal mining equipment manufacturer Joy Mining Machinery will introduce three new machines at MINExpo 2000. According to the company, all feature new technology that will work to lower mining costs.


The 14CM27, essentially a smaller version of the company’s popular 12CM27 miner, is designed to work in operational heights of 1.2-2.1m. Cutting width is 3.5m.

Joy said increased tramming speed and improved responsiveness from a new traction drive system


Joy’s new Integrated Mining Machine, is a cutting and bolting unit which cuts a full face width while simultaneously installing a complete bolt pattern.


The 1122 Multibolter, designed for place-change bolting, is a product of the former Wollongong-based Cram Australia business which is now part of Joy Mining Machinery’s Australian subsidiary.


A longer version of this review is the be published in the September edition of Australia's Longwalls.

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