SME and Lamborn discuss 2014 plans

THE Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration hosted US Representative Doug Lamborn at its headquarters on Thursday to discuss national minerals policy and the 2014 agenda of the Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources.
SME and Lamborn discuss 2014 plans SME and Lamborn discuss 2014 plans SME and Lamborn discuss 2014 plans SME and Lamborn discuss 2014 plans SME and Lamborn discuss 2014 plans

US Representative Doug Lamborn

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Lamborn is chairman of the subcommittee, which oversees energy production and mining on federal lands.

SME said Lamborn discussed the need to strengthen and improve the country’s mineral policy, and ensure domestic availability of certain minerals that were essential to national security and economic stability.

“As the largest professional society in the mining industry, SME is pleased to provide a forum for unfettered access to industry experts that the chairman needs to make informed decisions regarding public policy and mining,” SME executive director David Kanagy said.

Lamborn also discussed legislation under review as well as recent oversight hearings his subcommittee held on abuse of the Endangered Species Act, pressures on coal mining in the Powder River Basin and Appalachia, and the importance of mining jobs to the American economy.

Throughout the discussion, he stressed his goal of streamlining the seven to 10-year mine permitting process to make the US a more competitive minerals market, SME said.

Lamborn also reportedly committed to helping SME in its efforts to influence the Securities Exchange Commission to modernize its rulemaking on Industry Guide 7, its basic resource and reserves disclosure policy for US-based mining companies.

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