Rajant teams with Trimble

COMMUNICATIONS system developer Rajant announced Friday that California-based Trimble would be a distributor of its kinetic mesh wireless networking solutions, providing a comprehensive setup for operations.

Donna Schmidt

“Rajant's wireless communications combined with Trimble's positioning solutions – the Trimble Terralite XPS GNSS and Trimble 4D Control slope monitoring system as well as third-party productivity and safety applications – provide the technology infrastructure needed to support mining productivity and safety applications from fleet management and grade control for road construction to collision avoidance and slope monitoring,” Rajant officials said.

“With Rajant's Kinetic Mesh technology, Trimble can provide a complete communications and positioning infrastructure solution for mining.”

As Trimble business area director Nathan Pugh noted, the industry’s increase in precision and automation requiresdadvanced positioning and communication technology in order to build a reliable geospatial infrastructure at operations.

“Rajant's mesh networking technologies complement our positioning technologies to deliver this complete infrastructure solution,” he said.

“Rajant's solutions add depth to our portfolio to help mines operate more efficiently, productively and safely.”

Rajant CEO Bob Schena said its strength lay in an ability to address complex topographic, machine and application challenges in mining environments.

“Our dynamic technology platform, combined with Trimble's offerings and leadership in the global mining industry, sets a new benchmark for the safe and efficient operation of mines,” he said.

“Partnering with Trimble underscores Rajant's goal to be the world's leading machine-to-machine networking solution by integrating with premier M2M applications."

Trimble offers Rajant's kinetic mesh networks through its subsidiary in Chile.

It will be working to offer the products through its dealer network in Australia, central and South America, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

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