RSL to light the industry with CAI

ADVANCED remote source fiber optic lighting systems group RSL Fiber Systems has teamed with equipment supplier and rebuilder CAI Industries and affiliate Gauley-Robertson for an exclusive sales and marketing agreement.
RSL to light the industry with CAI RSL to light the industry with CAI RSL to light the industry with CAI RSL to light the industry with CAI RSL to light the industry with CAI

The CAI 4880 Scoop, one of many pieces of equipment with RSL fiber optic lighting technology.

Donna Schmidt

The companies said late last week that the pact would give the two rights to provide RSL’s lighting products on installations of underground mining equipment for a period of three years.

The pair will have exclusive US sales and distribution rights of designated RSL lighting products for the mining industry, RSL training of CAI/G-R sales and technical staff and joint efforts in marketing, trade shows and advertising.

Financial details of the transaction were not provided.

“We believe RSL’s groundbreaking fiber optic lighting technology has every potential to revolutionize our traditional notions of lighting for scoops, continuous miners, roof bolters and more. With RSL, we plan to introduce lighting in a whole new way to the industry,” CAI/Gauley-Robertson president Chuck Lilly said.

“We envision a wide variety of ongoing, innovative product and technology development opportunities and applications in the months and years to come capable of significantly enhancing mine safety and operations,” RSL president and chief technology officer Giovanni Tomasi added.

In related news, RSL said it was expecting to receive US Mine Safety and Health Administration approval for its fiber optic mine equipment outlining system shortly.

The company’s system produces safe, non-electrical light and is capable of reliable light delivery in harsh environments.

It can be used on scoops, continuous miners and other major pieces of machinery.

In addition to mining, other RSL markets include petrochemical, hazardous environments and renewable energy.

CAI has facilities in Illinois and West Virginia, while Gauley-Robertson’s locations are in Kentucky, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Utah and Wyoming as well as Europe and South Africa.

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