Alpha reloads board, talks strategy

ALPHA Natural Resources elected nine members to its board of directors and named its chief executive as chairman as the coal miner published its first sustainability report.
Alpha reloads board, talks strategy Alpha reloads board, talks strategy Alpha reloads board, talks strategy Alpha reloads board, talks strategy Alpha reloads board, talks strategy

Kevin Crutchfield courtesy of Alpha Natural Resources

Justin Niessner

Board elections including the repositioning of chief executive Kevin Crutchfield as chairman were announced as part of the company’s 2012 annual stockholder meeting.

Alpha’s previous chairman Michael Quillen did not stand for re-election.

“It’s impossible to thank Mike enough for what he’s done for the company, and especially for the miners who do the tough work to unearth one of this nation’s most vital energy resources,” Crutchfield said.

“Mike has been a relentless advocate for safety and has earned the respect and admiration of so many inside and outside the industry.

“He has served as an exceptional role model for all of us who believe in treating each and every employee with dignity and respect.”

The news comes as Alpha’s “Fueling Progress” report developed focus on the miner’s economic, social and environmental performance.

Alpha executive vice-president and chief strategy officer Phil Cavatoni said the report functioned as an engagement process between the company and its stakeholders.

“In order to succeed, we need to operate with respect and attention to all stakeholders,” he said.

The sustainability report is intended to provide insight into Alpha’s strategy following its acquisition of Massey Energy in mid-2011 and document environmental, workplace and investment standards.

“At Alpha, we believe there is a higher purpose to what we do: we are enablers of prosperity. We are fueling progress around the world,” Crutchfield said.

“Coal is an affordable, abundant energy source that plays a key role in providing electricity and steel.

“Access to reliable, affordable electricity and products produced with steel have the profound impact of improving the lives of individuals across the world. For these reasons, Alpha and the entire coal industry need to continue to operate in a sustainable manner.”

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