Ohio seeking "green" coal projects

OHIO Coal Development Office officials are working to take coal into the future by advancing projects to study its environmentally friendly use.

Donna Schmidt

The Office of Energy and the OCDO has issued a request for proposals for the 2013 Ohio Coal Research Consortium, which includes projects focusing on the development and implementation of economical, environmentally sound technologies in the early stages of deployment.

The OCDO is also in support of university research that can improve the science and technology of coal utilization.

“Funds awarded through the RFP will be for projects located and/or work conducted in Ohio that improves the efficiency of the coal-to-electricity conversion process, benefits Ohio coal before combustion, finds new and more economical ways to convert Ohio coal, reduces or controls coal emissions, or lowers the cost of controls, and/or increases the effectiveness of controls installed on new or existing plants,” the group said.

Successful projects will also generate ideas and processes for cost reductions and other improvements.

Some projects eligible for funding include mine productivity, coal end uses, improving power plant efficiency, greenhouse gas control and environmental issues.

All proposals are due to the OCDO by December 17.

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