MSHA plans blast safety seminar

BLASTERS, engineers, management and others who work with explosives at mine sites have been invited to a two-day safety seminar in southern West Virginia next week.
MSHA plans blast safety seminar MSHA plans blast safety seminar MSHA plans blast safety seminar MSHA plans blast safety seminar MSHA plans blast safety seminar


Donna Schmidt

The event, hosted by the US Mine Safety and Health Administration, has been set for January 23-24 at the National Mine Health and Safety Academy in Beaver starting at 7.30am.

Some of the topics include: explosives storage, transportation, and use; recognizing and preventing malfunctions; blasting design technology; safe blasting practices; drilling design; blasting seismology; electronic initiation systems; fly rock; construction blasting; and vibration control.

“The most recent innovations in drilling and blast¬ing design technology will be addressed, along with specific blasting applications, up-to-date blasting regulations, and blasting-related information from recognized experts,” organizers said.

“Presenters are drawn from man¬ufacturers of explosives and accessories, blasting consultants, design experts, and government agen¬cies.”

The states of West Virginia, Alabama, Ken¬tucky, Ohio, Colorado, Wyoming, New York and Pennsylvania will accept the seminar as part of the blasting recertification CEU requirements. Virginia will accept it for recerti¬fication of construction blasters only.

For more information on the seminar or to register, visit the MSHA website, or contact Kevin Malay at or Roger Montali at

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