Diamonds are a slurry's best friend

A FLOW control products and services provider has signed a collaborative agreement that could see diamonds end up in the bottom of coal slurries around the country.

Staff Reporter

Advanced Diamond Technologies will become the exclusive developer and supplier of diamond coated hard faces for Flowserve’s mechanical seals, used in pumps and other rotating equipment.

Flowserve said that when applied to its base materials, the ultrananocrystalline-structured diamond coating developed by ADT produced an exceptionally hard surface with improved friction and wear characteristics.

It said the technology was particularly beneficial in services requiring protection from slurry, dry-running conditions and resistance to chemical corrosion.

"Because diamonds are extremely hard, extremely strong while offering low friction properties, the UNCD coating is ideal for demanding applications, such as mechanical seals for pumps," ADT chief executive officer and president John Yerger said.

Flowserve and ADT have worked together since the 1980s to develop, refine and perfect diamond coating for mechanical seal faces.

"This exclusive agreement with Flowserve for all seal-related applications is the natural culmination of the close collaboration between our companies," Yerger added.

ADT is a spin-off company of the US Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory.

Texas-headquartered Flowserve was founded in 1997 and has customers in more than 70 countries.

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