Minex 6.2 unleashed

THE company formerly known as Gemcom Software has announced the release of Geovia Minex 6.2, which includes enhancements such as a dump scheduling and haulage planning module.
Minex 6.2 unleashed Minex 6.2 unleashed Minex 6.2 unleashed Minex 6.2 unleashed Minex 6.2 unleashed

A screen shot from Geovia's Minex 6.2.

Noel Dyson

Designed to address the economic concerns within the mining industry, the dump scheduling and haulage planning module lets users control one of the largest costs associated with mining coal and other stratified deposits: the removal of waste.

The module allows users to design waste dumps and haul roads, schedule the dumping of waste, calculate haulage times and report on all aspects of the waste removal and haulage process.

PT Bayan Resources mine planning and development manager David Delbridge said the dump scheduling and haulage planning tools allowed the company to easily integrate different scenarios for hauling waste from pits to dumps into its mine scheduling process.

“In addition, they enable us to analyse our major cost drivers and help us make better decisions about minimising our operating costs,” he said.

Through a single interface users can create various dump scenarios and take control over the priority, sequence and direction in which they are filled.

To help with haulage planning Geovia has included tools that let mine planners effectively manage and analyse the efficiency of truck cycle times and optimise truck fleet and haul road selection for improved cost control.

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