Missouri awards funds for mine reclamation

THE MISSOURI Department of Natural Resources has selected a local company to reclaim about 35 acres of an abandoned surface coal mine with the aim of improving the area’s water quality.

Donna Schmidt

The DNR said the St Louis-based Pangea Group would perform land reclamation on a property near Millersburg, Callaway County in central Missouri that had been left unreclaimed for more than 60 years.

The project, at a cost of $US609,942, includes backfilling an unstable highwall, leveling and grading multiple mounds and embankments, and backfilling three polluted acid water impoundments.

“The reclamation is expected to improve water quality in Millers Creek by reducing the amount of acid-forming sediments that erode into the stream,” the agency said.

“Additionally, water quality of the creek is expected to improve with the elimination of several acid water impoundments that discharge low pH water into the creek following heavy rains or snow melts.”

The project is expected to be completed by October 1.

Funding for the reclamation is from coal severance money collected by the US Department of Interior’s Office of Surface Mining.

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