Exelon offloads Maryland coal plants

ELECTRICITY and gas giant Exelon has sold its three Maryland coal-fired power plants to a local utility.

Justin Niessner

Raven Power Holdings paid $400 million for control of the plants and related assets, known collectively as Maryland Clean Coal.

The plants involved in the sale include:

  • Brandon Shores, Pasadena: 1273 megawatts of installed capacity, two units (coal)
  • CP Crane, Middle River: 399MW installed capacity, three units (coal and oil)
  • HA Wagner, Pasadena: 976MW installed capacity, five units (coal, natural gas and oil)

Since 2008, the three coal plants have undergone major environmental upgrades, including investment in a new scrubber at Brandon Shores that makes it one of the cleanest coal plants in the nation.

The plants comply with the stringent Maryland Healthy Air Act and are expected to be well positioned to meet pending Environmental Protection Agency emissions standards.

The sale fulfils Exelon’s commitment to divest the plants as part of its merger with Constellation Energy.

The sale is expected to generate about $205 million in cash benefits, with the majority realized in 2012 and 2013.

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