LW face bolter sold for export

MANUFACTURER of drilling and bolting machines, Hydramatic Engineering, has just sold two ARO longwall face bolting machines (LFB) into the USA and South Africa.
LW face bolter sold for export LW face bolter sold for export LW face bolter sold for export LW face bolter sold for export LW face bolter sold for export

ARO longwall face bolting machine (LFB) made by Hydramatic Engineering.

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Hydramatic said the use of the LFB was standard practice in about half the change-outs performed in Australia and was proven to reduce lost time injury during changeouts.

The first export LFB was shipped to the South African New Denmark longwall mine and the second was sent last week to the Suffco longwall mine in the USA.

Based in Redhead, NSW, the company has been designing tailor-made drilling and bolting machines for over 25 years.

The company said the LFB was developed to enhance the safety of mining personnel and reduce the time and manpower required for bolt-up of a longwall changeout operation.

“Traditionally, longwall bolt-up has been a highly labour intensive task, with mining personnel placed at relatively high risk, bolting strata directly below unsupported roof,” the company said.

“With the ARO LFB, only two operators are required, working in safety beneath the longwall canopy.”

The LFB platform self-propels along the AFC by using the drive system of the shearer and drawing hydraulic power from a support. It is fitted with two semi-automatic ARO Series 4000 bolting rigs, and installs bolts in both roof and longwall face.

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