New muffler for underground diesel gear

Staff Reporter

Canadian based, Nett Technologies Inc, has announced a D-series add-on muffler for underground diesel equipment. Ten available sizes cover all classes of mining equipment from LHD's to portable diesel gen-sets.

The add-on mufflers connect directly to the D-series diesel catalytic purifier made by Nett, by means of quick release clamps.

Nett said the catalytic purifiers are an effective means to reduce toxic emissions from undergrund diesel equipment and meet the US Mining Safety and Health Administration air quality requirements.

"Emissions of carbon monoxide can be reduced by over 90%," Nett said. "Hydrocarbons, aldehydes and their derivatives are also reduced resulting in almost complete reduction of the characteristic odour of diesel exhaust. The purifiers reduce about 80%-90% of the heavy hydrocarbon fraction of diesel particulates (SOF). The reduction of SOF translates to a 20-5-% reduction in the total particulate matter emissions."

Nett has a website at

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