Alpha votes in new board member

ALPHA Natural Resources added international experience to its board today with the election of former Compass Minerals boss Dr Angelo Brisimitzakis.

Justin Niessner

The appointment will be effective February 27.

Brisimitzakis served as president, chief executive and director of Compass between May 2006 and December 2012.

He was employed from 1998 to 2005 with Great Lakes Chemical Corporation, last serving as executive vice-president of flame retardants and performance products business unit.

Brisimitzakis joined Great Lakes Chemical Corporation after 14 years at the General Electric Company, where he worked within multiple businesses, and last served as global product (business) manager-elastomers at GE Silicones.

Alpha chairman and chief executive Kevin Crutchfield said Brisimitzakis’s work heading a New York-listed company contributed significant business and corporate governance leadership to the Virginia-based miner.

“Dr Brisimitzakis brings extensive experience to our board through his recent leadership of an international minerals business, including operations, sales, supply chain, acquisitions, strategic planning and general management,” he said.

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