Keep body inside moving equipment: MSHA

THE US Mine Safety and Health Administration has issued a safety alert for mines regarding moving vehicles underground following an accident where a miner’s arm became trapped between a scoop and a coal rib, causing serious injuries.

Donna Schmidt

The agency did not identify the miner or operation, but said the individual was working outby the section operating a scoop when the accident occurred.

“He had taken a load of trash off the section, and while returning, he saw a piece of plastic on the mine floor and reached down to pick it up,” MSHA said in the alert.

“When the miner reached outside the cab, his foot slipped off the brake and hit the accelerator. His arm and hand were pinched between the coal rib and scoop, causing him to lose part of his left hand.”

It stressed that all miners should keep all parts of the body, especially extremities, within the cab or frame of moving mobile equipment, including scoops and mantrips.

When exiting equipment, operators and riders are urged to ensure the unit is de-energized and the brakes set before exiting.

Finally, MSHA has stressed the installation of gates or other means to prevent equipment operators and passengers from reaching outside of the cab or equipment frame.

A visual version of the alert is available on MSHA’s web site.

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