A thrash pump you can thrash

A HEAVY-DUTY thrash pump designed specifically for the rough and tumble of mine sites has been released.
A thrash pump you <i>can</i> thrash A thrash pump you <i>can</i> thrash A thrash pump you <i>can</i> thrash A thrash pump you <i>can</i> thrash A thrash pump you <i>can</i> thrash

Aussie Pumps' Brian Matthews checks the new robust mine spec pump from Australian Pump Industries

Staff Reporter

Australian Pump Industries’ 3-inch Mine Boss was developed when staff decided to address the issue of mangled thrash pumps and generators on construction and mining sites.

Australian Pump Industries said the Mine Boss had been designed with a tougher, 38mm hot-dip galvanised frame to make it more durable.

The frame incorporates a balanced lifting bar, separate sub-base and anti-vibration mounts.

“Everyone knows that on any site, moving a pump manually just doesn't happen. Using whatever convenient plant is available, front-end loader bucket or excavator, is more practical and usually avoids occupational health and safety issues,” Aussie Pumps’ civil construction division manager Dean Fountain said.

The pump includes a fire extinguisher, emergency stop and a dry-cell battery with lockable isolation. It can pump up to 1200 litres per minute of solid laden liquids.

The self-priming centrifugal pump is driven by a 10hp Yanmar electric-start diesel engine, Fountain says. It has a maximum head of 30m direct vertical lift and a suction capability of 7.6m.

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