Long-Airdox MINExpo releases

Long-Airdox to highlight roof-bloter at MINExpo in October

Staff Reporter

American coal mining equipment manufacturer Long-Airdox, will spotlight its latest Fletcher roof-bolter designs and newly developed automation systems for its Full Dimension continuous haulage equipment at the MINExpo show in Las Vegas in October.

Making its way to Las Vegas is the new Fletcher 4-Head Roof Bolter, or Quad Ranger, which has undergone testing at several mines in the lead-up to its official launch at MINExpo.

ninstall rib bolts while the inside masts have enough manoeuverability to install either a 1.22m or 1.52m bolt pattern at the top of the mast. The unit has an independently articulating driller canopy and 457mm of dropmast travel on all four masts, providing the flexibility to work in uneven roof conditions.

Long-Airdox has also made its first Jeffrey continuous miner sale in Australia since acquisition of Jeffrey Mining Products in mid-1999. The sale of the LA30M (formerly 1038) miner to a Hunter Valley mine was described by the local spokesperson as a “major victory” in the face of stiff competition from rival suppliers such as Joy and VA-Eimco.

A longer version of this review is the be published in the September edition of Australia's Longwalls.

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