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PUR injection specialists Ground Consolidation are showing the US-developed Tri-Log cribbing system at QME.
QME - Ground Consolidation QME - Ground Consolidation QME - Ground Consolidation QME - Ground Consolidation QME - Ground Consolidation


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Ground Consolidation is the agent for the NIOSH-tested product, newly developed by American Commercial Inc.

The new system offers a range of benefits including: 60 degree stress relieving connecting notches which deliver greater capacity, fewer and lighter pieces to transport and assemble, up to 1,000 ton designs, 100% timber utilization, excellent offset load performance, and the tripod footprint is quick to level and stable.

Ground Consolidation compared the Tri-Log with a typical 4-point chock. In a mining height of 3m the 4-point chock had a capacity of 155 tonnes, compared with 320 tonnes for the Tri-Log. The contact area for the 4-point chock was 0.09m2 at a weight of 45kg per piece. Tri-Log had a contact area of 0.295m2 at a weight of 19kg.

Ground Consolidation is also showing the R.B.S. post which has up to 10 ton setting load and a 90 ton capacity. The company said it was quick to erect with a fast thread and delivers consistent yield through a reverse buttress thread action.

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