PLC system for new mine

ELECTRICIAL engineering company ASI Automation is providing a range of electrical and control system design services to the new Beltana longwall mine being developed in NSW.

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ASI Automation has a six-year history in providing electrical and control system design services to South Bulga colliery, which will close in 2003.

Bulga Coal has started development of Beltana Number 1 mine in an adjacent lease to South Bulga Colliery. The company said it was chosen to provide various electrical works to Beltana including surface water and wastewater infrastructure, conveyors and SCADA and PLC systems.

ASI said a major obstacle to overcome was the need to manage the integration of the new systems at Beltana Number 1 mine with the existing systems at South Bulga Colliery.

Specific works being undertaken include:

Potable water and sewage infrastructure:

* Electrical project management

* Complete electrical design

* Technical specification and scope of works

* PLC control system software

* Citect SCADA configuration

* In pit de-watering pumps

* PLC control system software

* Citect SCADA configuration


* Technical specifications and scope of works

* Citect SCADA configuration

SCADA and PLC system:

* Citect SCADA and PLC system software development standards

* PLC network design and infrastructure

* Control Logix Gateway system set-up

* Citect SCADA software and hardware set-up

ASI said the PLC/SCADA system being implemented across the operation utilises the latest Control Logix Gateway technology comprising of ethernet and data highway plus networks.

Prior to Beltana's move to longwall production it is essential that the control systems infrastructure is completed and operational, ASI Automation said.

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