Hydra Tool drum installed at Oaky No 1

TO overcome ongoing frictional ignition problems at the Oaky No 1 longwall mine, a Hydra Tool rotary air curtain (RAC) dust extraction drum has been installed.

Staff Reporter

The new thin seam south-east longwall, at MIM Holdings Queensland mining complex was commissioned in June this year. Since start-up, the mine has had problems related to frictional ignition, which have on occasion suspended production. Because of this the mine has been shackled to slow cutting speeds.

The RAC drum was designed to overcome dust problems in UK coal mines where dust inhalation is a safety problem and related to lung problems in miners.

Inside the barrel of the shearer drum, a Venturi system delivers 6.4 litres per minute of water, pulling dust and gas in from the face side. The drum is able to lower dust make at the face by 60-70%. It also stops any build-up of gas at the face, which has been the major cause of the frictional ignition problem.

The RAC drum was manufactured in the UK and supplied to Oaky No 1 through Southern Engineering Services in NSW.

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