Auditing solution offered for PLC modifications

KEEPING an audit trail of all modifications performed on PLCs was introduced as part of new Australian Standard AS 61508.2-2001. IT provider, i.Power Solutions is offering a solution.

Staff Reporter

The new standard was one of many measures introduced to help regulate accountability related to the uncontrolled movement of equipment and resultant injuries.

In response to this requirement, i.Power Solutions, developed a new product to allow enterprise wide management of PLC and SCADA software. Called Link-2 Revision Control (L2RC), the system allows users to perform a complete audit trail of all actions performed on each item of software. The system allows management of change control request generation and approval as well as revision control and backup from any computer.

i.Power said L2RC has been successfully implemented at a Bowen Basin coal mine. A 60 day trial of L2RC is being offered to enable users to have L2RC installed, providing control of PLC code. Further details can be obtained from

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