Jerry Bailey

THIS week’s longwall larrikin has spent 25 years at the Ulan longwall in New South Wales, but while he says this is “somewhat of a feat” it is also a “testament of the stability the mine has had in the export market”.
Jerry Bailey Jerry Bailey Jerry Bailey Jerry Bailey Jerry Bailey

Jerry Bailey

Angie Tomlinson

Jerry Bailey began his mining life in 1980 as a cadet mine engineer. He worked as a machine man and miner driver for a number of years, obtained his third class ticket, moved onto production and maintenance on the longwall before becoming longwall co-ordinator.

In his spare time Jerry said he enjoyed “the usual testosterone charged activities and going bush every opportunity I can get”

ILN:What is your earliest mining memory?

JB: An introduction to a short handled shovel and told we would be spending some considerable time together.

ILN: What made you choose mining as a career?

JB: An opportunity to fill in time while awaiting entry into the NSW Police Force.

ILN: What was your favourite job in a coal mine?

JB: Pulling pillars.

ILN: Who, or what, has most influenced your mining career?

JB: Some of the earlier Mine Managers at Ulan, who all spoke of the future that Ulan had in the coal industry.

ILN: What do you consider your best mining achievement?

JB: Remaining relatively injury and incident free in the industry to this point.

ILN: What do you see as being the greatest mining development during your career?

JB: Automation and greater use of PLC technology.

ILN: Do you have any unfulfilled ambitions?

JB: A few but none concern mining

ILN: What was your most embarrassing moment in a coal mine?

JB: Too many to mention

ILN: What was your scariest time in a coal mine?

JB: Being on shift during the evacuation of the mine during the fire of August 1991.

ILN: What is your worst memory of coal mining?

JB: The fire.

ILN: Do you think that the day of the fully automated remotely operated face is near?

JB: Yes. As technology increases, mine workers will become technicians and will be in a role as observers and programmers to ensure the equipment continues to run efficiently.

ILN: What major improvements would you like to see on longwall operations?

JB: More work done in the control of “fly rock” from shearers.

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