GIW has new partner in Hagler Systems

CENTRIFUGAL slurry pump manufacturer GIW Industries has inked a new working partnership with automated process control systems group Hagler Systems to produce specialized pump products.

Donna Schmidt

Georgia-based GIW said recently that the solutions that followed the teaming would

be developed and released as “Engineered Solutions, powered by Hagler Systems and GIW Industries”

Hagler was formed by the same family as GIW’s former owners, and has become known for its custom-engineered designs for mining and dredging as well as its technical services for both sectors. Hagler also has previously represented GIW pumps.

“Hagler Systems has already developed some outstanding products that are companions to GIW pumps: special spool pieces for the suction ends and special drive, skid, and maintenance equipment — things that make it easier to use or package the equipment,” business development and product manager Nikki Rebernak said of the new relationship.

“So the goal of our relationship is to address whatever our customers need — to provide new solutions to real-world applications."

The companies will be pairing strengths for the partnership, including Hagler’s engineering resources and existing GIW knowledge along with GIW’s market penetration, customer knowledge and pumps line.

“No one has focused on providing this type of engineered product before," Rebernak said.

"Until now, solutions would be cobbled together … accessories around the pumps were not standard and were often developed by people who didn't understand the pumps. The equipment either inhibited how the pump works or was just 'good enough'.”

The companies will kick off their partnership with custom-engineered products, but are planning to eventually develop some standardized catalog items.

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