GE giving coal-fired plants cleaner presence

INDUSTRIAL giant GE has introduced a bi-component felt media and Preveil membrane to help power generators meet particulate emissions with greater filtration efficiency.

Donna Schmidt

The media, used in construction of fabric filters used in coal-fired boiler baghouses, gives facilities an alternative to traditionally-used 100% polyphenylene sulfide felt.

GE’s bi-component PPS media forms a strong bond when laminated with GE’s Preveil expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) membrane.

GE Power and Water air filtration product manager Jeff Ladwig called the release the “next generation of air filtration media for coal-fired boilers”

“A stronger membrane bond can improve filtration performance by helping achieve lower emissions for longer periods,” he said.

“It can contribute to better differential pressure and improved energy consumption due to the need for fewer cleaning cycles and lower pulse pressure.”

A high-strength, high-temperature polymer is first surrounded by a PPS sheath, creating bi-component fibers to produce the media. Those fibers, in turn, become felt, a preferred substrate for fabric filters used in coal power generation baghouses.

According to GE Power and Water air filtration principal Vishal Bansal, the core delivers added strength over a traditional, all-PPS fiber and together the polymer core and its PPS sheath provide chemical and temperature resistance.

“While ‘core/sheath’ fiber technology has been around for a number of years, our unique combination and felt developed for coal-fired baghouse filters is a new innovation for our customers,” Bansal said.

The filters are available only from GE.

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