SmartBurn's clever move

A US consulting firm that develops technology to make coal-fired power plants burn more efficiently is negotiating a strategic collaboration with a Chinese firm.

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Clean energy consultancy SmartBurn could partner with Guodian Technology & Environment Group (GDTE), a subsidiary of China Guodian Corporation, to grow the business.

“SmartBurn believes the signing of a memorandum of understanding with Guodian Technology & Environment Group will be very beneficial for their image in China and will greatly help secure Chinese investment and our development into the China market,” SmartBurn president Pisi Lu said in a statement.

The transaction is still under discussion and no final agreement has been reached.

A MoU signed during the mission will simply demonstrate the parties’ desire for future cooperation.

Possible outcomes of cooperation include market access for both parties in the other’s country, technology sharing and investment.

GDTE proposed to collaborate with SmartBurn to expand selected GDTE businesses in the US, as well as provide financial support for SmartBurn’s efforts.

The discussions took place during Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s trade mission to China which includes 42 Wisconsin representatives attending business meetings in Beijing, Shanghai and Harbin.

“These negotiations are an important first step towards SmartBurn expanding and being able to create more jobs,” Walker said in a statement.

“SmartBurn is leading the way in clean energy consulting and this agreement would go a long way in furthering the business of both companies.”

SmartBurn was created by Madison-based Alliant Energy in 1998 to improve the efficiency of, and reduce pollution from, some of its coal-fired power plants in Wisconsin and Iowa.

It was spun off from Alliant Energy's former RMT business in 2011 and now operates as an independent consultancy.

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