L&L expands on pact with Datang

US-BASED and China-focused miner L&L Energy has signed a deal to provide 1 million tons per annum of coal to a Datang International Power Generation facility in China.

Donna Schmidt

The updated agreement is an increase on its existing contract, which the two signed last October for 36,000 tons of coal over a 10-month period for the Heshan plant in Guangixi.

L&L had commenced Datang’s shipments in January under the original deal.

The last 24 months in L&L’s history have been quite active.

Earlier last year the producer secured its first coal processing facility at ShinPingBa rail station in Guizhou.

Also, in preparing for extended coal sales to Datang, L&L recently completed a coal processing center at the Zhazuo Rail Station, also in Guizhou.

Both will help the company secure additional coal with coal blending and loading capability as it continues to grow.

Company chairman and chief executive officer Dickson Lee called the agreement an endorsement that its important customers were satisfied with L&L's service and coal quality.

“Wholesaling coal to customers like the Datang, one of China's largest power generators, is an important driver to our growth,” he said.

“We look forward to further expanding our distribution network for additional revenue and bottom line growth."

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