Coal quality paper scheduled for ICPC

THE International Coal Preparation Congress only comes around every four years and is fast approaching.
Coal quality paper scheduled for ICPC Coal quality paper scheduled for ICPC Coal quality paper scheduled for ICPC Coal quality paper scheduled for ICPC Coal quality paper scheduled for ICPC

Paul Taylor, Managing Director of Bretby Gammatech

Staff Reporter

To be held in Turkey for the first time in its 63-year history, the 17th ICPC will run on October 1-6 in Istanbul.

The program is yet to be announced but coal quality monitoring equipment company Bretby Gammatech has announced its managing director Paul Taylor will be presenting a paper at the conference.

Taylor will be speaking on the subject of natural gamma and its use for the measurement of the ash content of conveyed coal using online and offline systems – an area in which he has more than 25 years experience.

His paper will cover how the technology has developed over the years and is helping to revolutionize testing in coal processing operations around the world.

UK-based Bretby Gammatech said Taylor would highlight the company’s safe, non-radioactive testing process, which provides real-time results on ash content.

The company said he would also outline how its online measurement systems – ash eye (ash content percentage) and heat eye (ash content and calorific value) – worked and would give real-life examples of their use in international applications.

“It is a great honour to be asked to present to delegates at the ICPC, one of the most important conferences in the international mining calendar,” Taylor said.

“I am looking forward to speaking to delegates about the innovative technology we have developed and how it provides a completely safe, cost effective, quick and accurate means of identifying the ash content of coal.”

The ICPC aims to bring together experts from across the globe to discuss the recent advances and developments in coal preparation and quality improvement technologies.

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