Making mining risk assessments easier

GERMAN company DMT has developed a hardware and software solution that stores, then analyses, all gathered geodetic, geotechnical and geophysical monitoring into a format that can be shared.

Noel Dyson

DMT Safeguard is a modular system that can provide safe and reliable risk assessment for mining projects.

It can be applied to a host of tasks, including monitoring slope stability in mining or subsidence and sinkholes in former mining areas.

“Even in the early stages of development we were able to convince many important customers from the construction and mining industries of the benefits of this innovative solution,” DMT project manager Karsten Zimmermann said.

Its data port module integrates heterogeneous data from a variety of geological measuring systems.

The core serve module is a central database on high-performance servers for good data accessibility and security.

The web-view module is an online user portal for data presentation with interactive web geographic information system maps.

There also is a document management and data analysis function attached to the system.

“The data from the complex monitoring network is consistently merged, saved centrally and securely managed, while simultaneously displaying up-to-date results to numerous users via web-view,” Zimmerman said.

He said an advantage was that the internet-based solution was not manufacturer specific.

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