Patriot's Brody hit with imminent danger order

PATRIOT Coal has confirmed the receipt of a federal imminent danger order at one of its underground operations in West Virginia.

Donna Schmidt

In a US Securities and Exchange Commission filing on Friday the producer said the 107(a) violation order from the US Mine Safety and Health Administration was issued to its Brody Mining subsidiary for a condition at the Brody no 1 mine in Wharton on August 5.

“During a routine inspection, an MSHA inspector purportedly observed an employee standing between a continuous mining machine and the wall of the mine while the machine was being moved between mining locations,” the company said.

It said no injuries resulted from the condition cited and production had since resumed at the mine.

Missouri-based Patriot, which acquired Brody Mining in December, did not release any further comment on the order.

Imminent danger orders are issued by MSHA under section 107(a) of the Federal Mine Safety and Health Act, also known as the Mine Act.

The complex received confirmation of a potential pattern of violations from MSHA on March 28 but the PPOV was withdrawn in early April.

After reviewing information from Brody, Patriot announced that “MSHA concluded that no potential pattern of violations exists at the mine and withdrew the notice”

Brody was a contract mining operation of Black Stallion Coal Company prior to its affiliation with Patriot Coal.

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