Safety alert issued for Genie boom lifts

TEREX division Genie is calling for the immediate removal of all Genie Z-135/70 boom lifts from service after learning there may be improperly calibrated machines in use.
Safety alert issued for Genie boom lifts Safety alert issued for Genie boom lifts Safety alert issued for Genie boom lifts Safety alert issued for Genie boom lifts Safety alert issued for Genie boom lifts


Donna Schmidt

Genie, with the help of the US Mine Safety and Health Administration, recently issued the notice, confirming that secondary boom angle sensor adjustments performed in the field may not have been followed according to the machine’s service manual, resulting in improperly calibrated machines.

The Washington-based company outlined inspection procedures for sites using the units, including location and removal of all units from use.

Once out of service, the machine should be placed on a firm level surface with the axles extended and boom stowed. All work should be then be performed by a trained, qualified individual.

With the swing chassis located, a digital level can be placed on the unit and readout set to zero.

“Working on the same side of the machine, move the digital level from the swing chassis to the top of the secondary boom closes to the pivot end,” the company said, adding that the orientation of the digital level should not be altered.

Back at the ground controls, the unit can be started and the secondary boom fully raised until any one of the inner boom sections just starts to extend. At that point, the engine can be turned off.

If the level times out before the boom raises, the procedure should be repeated.

Finally, the value displayed should be placed on a completion form and submitted to the company. If the value meets or exceeds 75.5 degrees, the unit is safe and can be returned to service.

If it does not meet the required reading, the secondary angle sensor of the machine should be calibrated to the specifications of the service manual. Once the sensor is calibrated and put back online, the form should be sent to the manufacturer.

For more information on Safety Notice 130005 or to print off the necessary forms, visit the MSHA web site.

Genie’s service department can also be reached at 800-536-1800 in the US, 425-881-1800 in Canada, +31 653 221 908 in Europe, 61 733751660 in Australia and 001-425-881-1800 for all other locations.

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