Surpac's speedy solidity

A SOLIDS repair tool that reduces manual solids validation time from days to minutes is a highlight of the latest version of Gemcom Surpac.
Surpac's speedy solidity Surpac's speedy solidity Surpac's speedy solidity Surpac's speedy solidity Surpac's speedy solidity

Surpac 6.0 allows users to copy select data within seconds

Noel Dyson

An auto correction repairs invalid solids while manual repair allows for a detailed examination within spatial context.

Surpac technical product manager Leon Dickinson said the solids repair was the most exciting enhancement in this release.

“This functionality was requested by the market,” he said.

Surpac’s designers looked to the gaming and medical imaging industries for ideas.

Additional benefits of the solids repair function include a solids repair panel that allows easy visualisation of problem areas; an autocorrect feature that locates invalid triangles and repairs on a case by case basis; manual repair that includes the same functionality as autocorrect with the ability to examine problems in more detail; and a documentation function that records any corrections performed.

Besides the solids repair capability, Surpac 6.3 also features a distance estimation tool that is up to 100 times faster and a 15% performance increase in all block modelling estimation techniques.

Pit design functionality has been improved to allow the creation of pit designs using block models for slope angle and berm width to better cater to rock type variations and geotechnical characteristics.

Alternative pit designs can be rapidly generated using the multi bench design function.

Additionally, improved digitising and point snap features, along with more efficient CAD import and increased support for third-party file formats such as AutoCAD contribute to time savings.

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