Rajant links to future with BreadCrumb ME4

INDUSTRY communications group Rajant is off and growing again with the latest addition to its wireless mesh network node line, the BreadCrumb ME4.

Donna Schmidt

Officials for the Pennsylvania company said the ruggedized wireless broadband node features two radios and supports 802.11a/b/g/n protocols to establish fully mobile kinetic mesh networks for mining applications, as well as oil and gas, military and first responder needs for voice, video, and data.

The two radios of the ME4 network node have multiple configuration options, including 900 megahertz, 2.4 gigahertz, 4.9GHz, 5GHz and other frequencies to support a large range of deployments.

Designed to operate in extreme conditions and with several mounting options, the BreadCrumb ME4 is environmentally sealed, lightweight and easily portable as needed.

It has two external ethernet ports and one external USB port for greater ease of use and supports NSA suite B cryptography algorithms for data and MAC address encryption and mesh-to-mesh authentication.

Rajant said the release, which has high bandwidth to carry data, voice and video applications, was also available with an add-on GPS module installed via the internal USB port.

ME4 will operate version 11 of Rajant’s InstaMesh routing software.

Self-configuring for a fast and easy deployment, the node will have multiple simultaneous bridge-mode links to the same ethernet network through the automatic protocol tunneling feature.

Rajant, which announced the release of its explosion and flame-resistant LX4-2954-EX in late June, will be spotlighting the BreadCrumb ME4 at Minexpo International later this month at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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