Strata explores new worlds

STRATA Worldwide has become a reseller of rugged, submersible tablet PCs in its latest teaming with Xplore Technologies.
Strata explores new worlds Strata explores new worlds Strata explores new worlds Strata explores new worlds Strata explores new worlds

An Xplore tablet

Donna Schmidt

The Georgia-based company said that the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth- and Ethernet-ready Xplore tablets could enable wireless communications and instant access to information both on the surface and underground.

The Windows-based units have been designed to withstand the harshest conditions, including accidental dropping, water submersion, excessive vibration and extreme temperatures. This makes them ideal for use in mining environments.

Additionally, the tablets can replace any PLC, which eliminates mountains of paperwork for mines and provides individuals access to mine maps, manuals and schematics right on site.

“The advantages of having these tablets at mine sites is their ability to expedite response times, shorten down-times and in turn help increase worker productivity,” Strata Electronic Safety vice president and general manager Tom Michaud said.

Strata’s product line also includes wireless communications and tracking systems, emergency mine refuge chambers, secondary roof support products, proximity detection systems and mining construction services.

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