Top 10 mining product manufacturers

THE July edition of Australia’s Mining Monthly published its inaugural listing of the country’s 10 leading mining product manufacturers. Of the top 10, five companies offer services to the longwall mining sector, including Warman International, Mincom, Prok Conveyor & Equipment Company, Ampcontrol, Hydramatic Engineering.

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AMM’ exclusive survey includes several companies that have retained a dominant local manufacturing focus in their business, despite being bought out by overseas companies. Based on annual turnover derived from the companies’ Australian-made products and/or technology, the listing includes companies that:

- Have their headquarters in Australia and manufacture their core mining products entirely in Australia.

- Make decisions about their mining-related business areas within Australia.

- Export from their Australian manufacturing base.

Australian-owned Orica Explosives’ position at No 1 is based on its Australian manufacturing operations only, but the company is also Australia’s leading global mining product supplier.

Listed as the top 10 are:

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1. Orica Explosives

2. Caterpillar Elphinstone

3. Warman International Ltd

4. Mincom

5. MIM Process Technologies

6. Prok Conveyor & Equipment Company

7. Ampcontrol

8. Hydramatic Engineering

9. Strata Control Systems

10. Ausmelt

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