QME - VA Eimco

VA EIMCO will be showing a diesel system vehicle methane shutdown system specifically to meet the latest coal mining regulations including gas monitoring for underground diesel vehicles.

Staff Reporter

The system was designed by Nautitech to reduce costly machine downtime during installation or change out for annual off-site calibration with its "plug and play" approach. A feature of the system is an easy read LCD display which allows for quick calibration, set-up and fault finding.

Highly visible green, amber and red LED clusters indicate methane levels. To overcome perceived traditional problems of the intrinsically safe single rechargeable battery pack, a dual battery system was designed to use the latest smart battery and rapid charge technology. The methane shutdown system can be expanded to include logging of critical machine parameters. This feature is an invaluable tool for mine owners, service providers and equipment hirers for operational costing and maintenance planning.

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