Strata Products Australia offers Rocprop in Australia

ROOF support specialists Strata Products has added the Rocprop to its product line in Australia.

Staff Reporter

Engineered with 20 and 35 tonne capacity, the Strata Products Rocprop system is available for mining heights from 1.5m to 4.5m.

The company has spent the last few months spreading the word of the all steel high, high yield compact mechanical prop.

“The two current Rocprop units offer the ideal combination for secondary support in challenging environments,” the company said.

Strata Products has conducted testing at NIOSH in the USA which indicate dependable, high yield capabilities with increased load capacities. In addition, the option to pre load the Rocprop to 20 tonnes on installation enhances its ability to reconsolidate strata, inhibit roof convergence and withstand floor heave or rib falls in high seam conditions.

“Strata Products feels the Rocprop will fill the gap unable to be filled with the Link n Lock and Propsetter,” a spokesperson said.

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