ABB offers complete pH solution

SUPPLIERS of some of the world’s most rugged pH sensors for the harshest of process environments, ABB, is now offering a cost-effective solution for general-purpose pH measurements.

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ABB has brought to the market a new series of combination probes to provide OEMs and process users with a cost-effective solution for general-purpose pH measurements.

The company said its new ABB AP300 Series of AnalyzeIT Combination pH/Redox (ORP) Sensors is of compact design to provide maximum flexibility and economy without compromising high functionality.

From just three variants, users have a pH monitoring solution whereby composite sensors can be easily converted on site to provide dip immersion, in-line or flow-through measurements. Also included is a ‘hot-tap’ retractable sensor which, inserted through a standard full port ball valve, can undergo routine maintenance while the process is still running – no costly process shut-downs or bypasses are required.

For OEMs who may not know from one day to the next whether they need a dip-type immersion, in-line or flowthrough sensor, the ABB AP300 Series is the ideal ‘all-in-one’ pH solution. Threaded or twist-lock process adapters can be fitted at either end of each sensor for maximum applications flexibility – one size fits all.

No additional electrodes are required since the combination sensor, complete with measuring, reference and temperature elements, are all contained in one compact body – reducing purchase costs and minimising stockholding.

ABB said that although intended for general purpose applications, the new sensors are in keeping with ABB’s rugged design principles for maximum protection. Bulb and flat glass options provide exceptional resistance to in-line fibrous coatings and the gel electrolyte gives integral protection against process contaminants, fronted by a dirt-repellent PTFE junction. Furthermore, the encapsulating PPS/PVDF bodies provide maximum resistance to chemical attack, even up to 6 bar (90psi) and 105oC (221oF).

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