Consol cuts back at Shoemaker

CONSOL says it will cut multiple days from its weekly schedule at the Shoemaker longwall mine in northern West Virginia, though the adjustment is expected to be temporary.
Consol cuts back at Shoemaker Consol cuts back at Shoemaker Consol cuts back at Shoemaker Consol cuts back at Shoemaker Consol cuts back at Shoemaker

The overland conveyor at Shoemaker mine in West Virginia

Donna Schmidt

Company spokesperson Lynn Seay told ILN Consol made the decision because the raw coal stockpile at the mine was at maximum capacity.

Over the next few weeks, in order to reduce inventory, production will cease each week beginning on Thursday at midnight and resume on Monday at 8am.

“During these weekend periods, in order to maintain the mine, only a limited number of underground employees will be scheduled to work,” Seay said.

“However, in order to process the coal and effectively reduce the inventory, all prep plant employees will continue to be scheduled to work as normal.”

Seay confirmed it was the only mine in Consol’s portfolio to be undergoing the temporary adjustment.

Shoemaker is one of five mines the company announced this week to have been sold to privately held Murray Energy.

Other mines in the $3.5 billion deal, which is expected to close by the end of the year, include McElroy, Blacksville, Robinson Run and Loveridge.

All five mines are longwall operations, each with single active panels.

Shoemaker opened in 1966 and employs about 740 workers.

It produced approximately 5.3 million tonnes in 2012.

For 2013 year to date it has had total output of 4.1Mt.