Depressed Brazil still thirsty for mining

A NEAR perfect storm in the Brazilian mining sector – weak commodity prices, rising energy and water costs, and doubt over changes to the 50-year-old mining code – has not stopped the ICN’s sister publication in the country recording robust readership growth.
Depressed Brazil still thirsty for mining Depressed Brazil still thirsty for mining Depressed Brazil still thirsty for mining Depressed Brazil still thirsty for mining Depressed Brazil still thirsty for mining


Michael Cairnduff

According to Google Analytics, the Mining News Brazil website ( is currently attracting more than 25,000 unique visitors per month, 41% more than in November 2014 and 90% more than in May last year.

In terms of total visitor sessions on the site, which includes all first-time and returning visitors, the growth is even more impressive: the 87,380 sessions from March 9 to April 8 represent growth of 43% since November and a massive 166% since May.

Put simply, there are significantly more people accessing the site and accessing it more frequently than ever in the Portuguese-speaking country.

While improvements to the service´s twice-daily newsletter and website are responsible for some of the growth, the main driver has been a big upswing in new registered users coupled with steady growth in corporate subscribers.

“We are seeing a strong influx of new readers taking out trial access and using the site recurrently over the course of their test period, significantly more so than in previous years,” Aspermont Brazil general manager Simon Tarmo said.

“Our subscription base is also expanding as new and existing subscribers include more and more users in their packages, demonstrating the growing demand for our comprehensive reporting on what was previously a poorly covered market.

“It certainly appears that with the Brazilian mining sector passing through a troublesome period the main players in the industry are seeking to ensure they have the best information available to help optimize their activities.”

Mining News Brazil is a Portuguese-language news service for the Brazilian mining sector.

An English version of the site is due for release in the second half of 2015.