Chinese longwall supply giant links up with SDV

SDV Longwall Support has signed a joint venture agreement with China National Coal Group Corp (China Coal) CME which will include the supply of complete longwall equipment packages manufactured using innovative technologies not yet available in Australia.
Chinese longwall supply giant links up with SDV Chinese longwall supply giant links up with SDV Chinese longwall supply giant links up with SDV Chinese longwall supply giant links up with SDV Chinese longwall supply giant links up with SDV

Vella (sitting, right) signing for the JV with the China Coal CME team

Lou Caruana

SDV Longwall Support managing director Scott Vella said the JV would mean increased opportunities for mining companies operating in Queensland through the supply of underground mining equipment at a lower cost while maintaining Australia’s standards.

“Obviously we’re very excited about the venture, China has the largest mining industry in the world and their technology is state-of-the-art,” he said.

“What we are doing here is going to benefit so many companies in Australia and at a time when it’s really needed.”

China Coal CME is the largest manufacturer of this equipment in the world.

It is capable of supplying complete equipment, such as roof supports, shearers, armoured face conveyors, bridge stage loaders, crushers and roadheaders for underground longwall mining and gate-entry development.

China Coal has supplied more than 50 complete longwall equipment packages to coal companies in China, six complete longwall equipment packages to India, two sublevel caving equipment packages to Turkey, one complete sublevel caving equipment package to Russia and two sublevel caving equipment and one complete conventional longwall equipment packages to Bangladesh.

A joint venture between CME and Ellton Longwall has also existed for some 8 months. CME equipment has been sold and has been available in Australia since 2006 via Ellton Longwall.

SDV Longwall Support is a Mackay-based company established in 2007 that focuses on overhauls and servicing underground longwall and development equipment throughout Australia.

“We understand the current climate within the mining industry, which has brought us to strategically handpick a supplier that enables us to deliver very cost-effective, high quality solutions,” Vella said.

“Not only will this mean significant savings for all companies operating within the underground mining sector but it will also offer reduced lead times and increased employment.

“We’ve got a highly experienced team who will be customising the equipment specifically for best-use in Australia, as well as providing after-sales service and support to offer our customers the complete package.”

China Coal CME has dedicated research and development teams that are continually improving all products and customising to suit all different mining conditions.

Vella said once customisation took place, the equipment would be distributed directly to the customer – all within shorter timeframes than generally available elsewhere in the industry.