Angus Place anxiety

CENTENNIAL Coal has reportedly finished interviewing the Angus Place workforce ahead of the plan to place the longwall mine on care and maintenance next year.

Blair Price

“The employees from the closed Centennial Coal-owned Angus Place colliery will find out if they are one of the 100 who will be deployed to other Centennial mines in the area over the next few weeks,” the Lithgow Mercury reported.

“Some may stay on at Angus Place until the final longwall move has been completed, expected to take place by April or May 2015. Others will miss out on a position altogether.”

While 168 workers will be made redundant, Centennial has reportedly started a Federal Court proceeding to clarify what was required under an enterprise agreement-related cap on redundancy payments made to workers of more than 60 years of age.

A Centennial spokeswoman reportedly said the company intends to comply with its obligations.

“The questions about payments required to be made by Centennial under an enterprise agreement involves questions of law,” the spokeswoman reportedly said.

“Centennial is asking the Federal Court of Australia to answer these questions of law now so as to determine the matter in the quickest and most efficient way.”

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