India needs Qld coal: Adani

INDIA needs to quadruple its power generation capacity over the coming years Adani Australia CEO Jeyakumar Janakaraj told a Bowen Basin Mining Club luncheon in Moranbah, while the company prepared a final investment decision on its Carmichael project in Queensland.
India needs Qld coal: Adani India needs Qld coal: Adani India needs Qld coal: Adani India needs Qld coal: Adani India needs Qld coal: Adani

Adani Australia CEO Jeyakumar Janakaraj.

Lou Caruana

He also outlined the $21.7 billion project’s regional content strategy, including an upcoming supplier and employment portal.

“Australia has a natural fit with India as a strategic, long-term partner for nation-building, especially since,” he said.

“India also needs Australia’s agricultural capacity in growing lentils and pulses to feed our people, and we want to create regional jobs in Queensland. 

“There are many of these projects which are important for both our countries.

“Adani is a company of balance – we want to generate solar as well as coal-fired power. We operate the world’s largest solar plant in India, and we also want to be a leading renewable power supplier to Australia.”

Janakaraj said “frivolous” legal challenges such as the ones faced by the Carmichael project sent the wrong message for business confidence.

“They discredit Australia and its governance mechanisms to international businesses that are ready to invest in Australia,” he said 

“It’s important that we work together to eliminate any further delays, and that involves everyone from government through to suppliers.”

The 220 attendees at the event also heard about Adani’s soon-to-be-launched online supplier and jobs portals, set to open a direct link between suppliers, potential employees and the procurement teams on the rail, port and mine projects.

Janakaraj said the three key aspects of Adani’s regional content strategy – an efficient marketplace, efficient engagement and enabling partnerships – were all reflected in the portal’s strategy.

“It’s important to us to communicate directly with the regional communities who will be impacted positively by this project, and an online portal is the simplest and best way to do that,” he said.

“This way, information about supply and employment opportunities will come effectively and directly from Adani or our Tier 1 contractors straight to the marketplace.

“Following this effective communication, enabling our potential regional suppliers is also important – Adani wants to invest in regional Queensland communities so they are fully equipped to take advantage of opportunities.”