DMIRS no longer issuing Miner's Rights

WESTERN Australia’s Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety is no longer issuing Miner’s Rights or assessing applications for Section 40E permits.
DMIRS no longer issuing Miner's Rights DMIRS no longer issuing Miner's Rights DMIRS no longer issuing Miner's Rights DMIRS no longer issuing Miner's Rights DMIRS no longer issuing Miner's Rights

Prospectors and fossickers in WA will not be able to get permits for the foreseeable future.

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The changes came into effect on April 1 and are in response to the WA government's March 31 introduction of a prohibition on regional travel to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Under that regional travel prohibition, the state has been divided into nine regions and people are not allowed to move outside of the region they are in unless they have an exemption.

There are exemptions for essential services and workers involved in the resources industry.

Miner's Rights are issued for the purpose of fossicking on Crown land and provide access to prospect on Crown land for marking out purposes.

Miner's Rights holders, other than companies, may also apply for a Section 40E permit to prospect for minerals on Crown land that are the subject of an exploration licence.

WA Police are responsible for enforcing COVID-19 travel directions.

DMIRS suggested self-employed mining tenement holders take reasonable steps to properly inform enforcement officers as required where travel was necessary for work purposes.

It will reconsider issuing Miner's Rights and Section 40E permits when restrictions on regional travel are removed.

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