Co-O gold mine reopens

FILIPINO authorities have granted Medusa Mining’s Philippines affiliate, Philsaga Mining permission to keep the mine gate open at the Co-O gold mine in Central Eastern Mindanao on the condition only workers from the immediate area are used.
Co-O gold mine reopens Co-O gold mine reopens Co-O gold mine reopens Co-O gold mine reopens Co-O gold mine reopens

The Co-O gold mine in the Philipines

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The company suspended operations at the mine last week due to enhanced COVID-19 community quarantine and travel restrictions across the country.

However, it asked the local Bunawan government for approval to continue operations at the mine on a controlled scale.

This has been granted and operations have started up again with local workers to hold down the fort for now.

Medusa told the Australian Securities Exchange that while the site remained COVID-19 free the safety of the workforce and host communities was of the upmost importance and the company would continue implementing precautions to avoid or minimise any health effects from COVID-19 to workers.