Pandemic no impediment

A JOB to design and install emergency egress ladders and rising mains at Anglogold Ashanti’s Boston Shaker underground gold mine has been completed, despite the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Pandemic no impediment Pandemic no impediment Pandemic no impediment Pandemic no impediment Pandemic no impediment

Works to install the ladder and rising mains at Boston Shaker.

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In four weeks CPC Engineering was able to establish itself on site at Tropicana in eastern Western Australia, where the Boston Shaker mine is being developed, complete the installation and carry out the pressure testing.

CPC Engineering project manager Brett Mais said it was able to do that by working closely with the client.

"Together we were able to find a way to minimise disruption as the COVID-19 restrictions were applied, while also ensuring that the health of our team and the community wasn't at risk," he said.

The 250m depth from surface provided no constraint to the CPC team in delivering the emergency egress ladder and rising mains of the same length. 

The CPC solution integrated dewatering, potable and service-fire water as well as compressed air into the structure.

That ensured space was maximised while providing a safe exit from the underground mine in an emergency.

A trial assembly prior to installation was completed to confirm all 20 identical modules fitted perfectly to make the installation as seamless as possible.