Royalty rate fix

PRODUCERS of cement, concrete and aggregate minerals will be spared royalty rate rises for the next five-years after Western Australia’s government fixed specific rates to support the industry through the COVID-19 crisis.
Royalty rate fix Royalty rate fix Royalty rate fix Royalty rate fix Royalty rate fix

Mines Minister Bill Johnston in the Pilbara. Photo by Karma Barndon.

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WA mines and petroleum minister Bill Johnston announced specific rate royalties applied to minerals used in building and construction would stay at existing levels for the next five-years, starting from July 1.

This includes aggregate, clays, dolomite, gravel, gypsum, construction use limestone, rock, salt and sand, which attract a royalty rate of 73c per tonne.

The royalty rate for building stone, chemical use limestone, metallurgical use silica and talc will stay at $1.17 per tonne.

Johnston said the decision to not increase the specific rate royalty followed the government's $24.5 million package to help the building and construction industry maintain a skilled workforce and support apprentices and trainees.

"Producers of basic raw materials play an important role in Western Australia's growth as they allow new homes to be built and new roads and railways to be constructed," he said.

"Leaving the rate royalty at current levels reflects our commitment to helping our economy recover post-COVID-19."

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