Newcrest in PNG aid effort

NEWCREST has put $600,000 towards a United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund initiative to get personal protective equipment to Papua New Guinea’s frontline health workers.
Newcrest in PNG aid effort Newcrest in PNG aid effort Newcrest in PNG aid effort Newcrest in PNG aid effort Newcrest in PNG aid effort

Newcrest has helped fund PPE to aid PNG health workers deal with COVID-19.

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The mining company is working with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the World Bank and the Japanese government to support the PPE procurement.

The money has directly funded 84,600 examination gloves, 47,000 N95 particulate respirators, 65,800 surgical face masks, 9426 protective goggles, 9400 surgical gowns and 25,000 face shields.

Newcrest chief operating officer PNG Craig Jones said Newcrest worked with the PNG health department to identify priority needs across the country and distribute accordingly to the provincial health authorities.

"Through this significant contribution to the procurement of PPE with UNICEF we are supporting the PNG government and our host communities manage the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic," he said.

"We understand the importance of PPE in protecting the front-line health workers and the assurance it will provide those who deliver essential healthcare to children and families affected by disease in PNG."

UNICEF PNG representative David Mcloughlin said the safety of its health workers was of paramount importance.

"UNICEF is committed to supporting the government of Papua New Guinea in its preparedness and response to the world's common enemy - the COVID-19 pandemic," he said.


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