Terratec infiltrates Chinese market

AUSTRALIAN raise borer manufacturer Terratec has made its first Chinese sale to assist a mining contractor get deeper underground.
Terratec infiltrates Chinese market Terratec infiltrates Chinese market Terratec infiltrates Chinese market Terratec infiltrates Chinese market Terratec infiltrates Chinese market

Mining Monthly Magazine

A TR3000 model with a nominal boring size of 3m in diameter and 500m in depth will be delivered to the Chinese province of Yunnan, where principal mineral extraction is copper.

Terratec said the sale opened market opportunities for its large boring machines, with this sale a likely precursor to an expanding demand for similar machinery as Chinese underground mines get deeper underground.

“As the mines develop deeper levels, the access requirements for services such ventilation, mineral pass, etc increases, so the mines are now looking into bigger shafts and for this require of larger machines like this one,” Terratec said.

“With this one, Terratec achieves an important milestone expanding its sales into the Chinese market, where there will be many opportunities for the supply of large raise borers like this one in the coming years.”

The TR3000 uses a standard pilot hole of 311mm in diameter and has a maximum pilot drilling torque of 78,000 nanometres, reaming torque to 237,000Nm and breakout force of 266,000Nm.

The down thrust maximum force is 1,600kN with up thrust being 4,500kN. The total installed power on the machine is 352 kilowatts. 

Terratec has similar raise borers working around the world, especially in Australia and the Americas.

The company has been operating for 25 years and exports its technologies across global markets.

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