RST launches Hydroboost

AUSTRALIAN dust management company Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST) has launched the Hydroboost for dust suppression at dig faces and excavation sites.
RST launches Hydroboost RST launches Hydroboost RST launches Hydroboost RST launches Hydroboost RST launches Hydroboost

RST's new Hydroboost suppresses dust at dig faces and excavation sites.

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The solution is a water-additive that increases dust suppression efficiency while reducing water loss by 30%.

“When applied, the Hydroboost solution knocks down airborne dust more effectively to reach Dust Extinction Moisture (DEM) levels faster, optimising dust suppression operations by improving water efficiency and environmental compliance,” RST said.

The 30% water loss reduction is achieved as Hydroboost reduces water’s natural resistance, helping it move through pipes and hoses faster, in turn creating more pressure at the spray nozzle and improving targeted water throw.

Hydroboost is also said to create higher and faster water infiltration rates leading to reduced ponding, runoff and irrigation time.

Hydroboost is designed for water carts, irrigation systems and fog cannons.

It is dosed or injected into the treatment water at 1:10,000 or 0.01%, however as material types and water quality varies greatly from site to site RST said this dosage rate was a guideline and should be adjusted to meet requirements.

RST operations and technical director David Handel said the Hydroboost solution was developed to fill a gap in dust suppression capabilities for industry.

“We saw the need for an efficient, cost effective solution for airborne dust at dig faces and excavation sites and our research and development team got to work creating it,” he said.

“Industrial technology is constantly changing and presenting new challenges on worksites.

“The RST team has vast experience in problem solving, enabling us to create tailor-made solutions to these unique problems and projects.”