Getting good vibrations?

A REMOTE monitoring system is being launched to support the assessment of blasting operations and their impact on both pit slopes and nearby structures.
Getting good vibrations? Getting good vibrations? Getting good vibrations? Getting good vibrations? Getting good vibrations?

Hexagon is putting IBIS-FB, a system that monitors blasts and their impact on slopes and structures on show at Minexpo.

Noel Dyson

Called the IBIS-FB, a system Hexagon Mining picked up from IDS GeoRadar, is designed to qualitatively and quantitatively monitor blast vibrations.

It will be put on show at Minexpo in Las Vegas later this month.

Based on microwave interferometry technology the IBIS-FB integrates standard vibration monitoring systems providing remote broad area measurements of ground vibrations with high accuracy.

IBIS-FB removes the need to physically place any sensor or marker on the slope. Instead it acquires a large dataset at various distances during each blast.

Using the data the user can determine how blasting is affecting pit stability.

The system measures:

Displacement, velocity and acceleration trends over distance and time;

Peak Particle Velocity spectral distribution; and

PPV trend versus scaled distance.

“Our monitoring technologies ensure mines are designed and maintained to ensure safety and profitability,” Hexagon Mining president Helio Samora said.


“Solutions such as the IBIS-FB are pivotal to the integrated and innovative technology in our life of mine approach.”